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Sahyadris offers boundless possibilities for trekking and its allied activities. For those fascinated by the unexplored, mountain ranges...
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First Aid Training Course

There are many aspects of health and safety when it comes to coming home safely from a trek or expedition, and returning to normal city life.
Past Escapdes
Since its foundation days, Chakram Hikers has been trekking the unexplored regions of the Sahyadris, lesser known to amateur trekkers..
Bond with the Nature Backpacker's Manual
Sahyankan Souvenir

"Sahyankan" is one of the most popular programme and a favourite with all age groups. 
During Sahyankan lectures are arranged on various subjects like history, archaeology, astronomy, rock climbing etc. Chakram Hikers has 13 treacherous Sahyankans to its credit. The recent one being in the year 2007. 

Chakram Hikers brings out Sahyankan Souvenir, during each Sahyankan since 1983. It is a chronicle of articles on the world of mountaineering as well as personal narrations of members and renowned authors. 

Through these souvenir informative articles on History, Archaeology, Astronomy, First Aid, Safety, Map Reading, Navigation, Mountaineering achievements, Travelogue etc. are published. These Souvenirs are a source of information available for Mountaineering enthusiast. They are available in the office library at Chakram Hikers. Sahyankan has received incredible support in the form of eminent laureates who have applauded the mission of Chakram Hikers. In a personal letter to the organization, Gopal Nilkanth Dandekar, better known as Go Ni Da, winner of Sahitya Kala Academy Award and an eminent author has expressed his sentiments on the heritage of Maharashtra, thus encouraging the youth to be a part of Sahyankan (View letter). Another famous author who has many travelogues to his credit, Shri. P. K. Ghanekar (Pra Ke) appreciated efforts taken towards execution of Sahyankan in most difficult terrains. (View letter)

View all the Sahyankan Souvenir past issues

News Update
Himankan - 2015
RUPIN PASS TREK (13.06.2015 to 26.06.2015)
1) Scholarship/Grant for Fluted Peak Expedition:- Chakram Hikers received scholarship of Rs.10000/- for our Fluted Peak expedition!
2) Scholarship/Grant for Rock Climbing:- Chakram Hikers was awarded the grant of Rs. 7000/- for our Rock climbing activities of last year! 2 Virgin route Climb. (Tilin at Hatkeshwar Fort and Manik Lingi Sauth Face at Manikgad)
3) Prize in Quiz competition:- Mr. Rajan Mahajan won 3rd prize in Quiz competition that happened in the second half of Sammelan!
Yearly members are requested to renew their Yearly membership - for the year April 2013 to March 2014 - between 1st April to 15th April 2013.
Chakram Hikers has printed new Identity cards for its Life members, For more details, kindly Contact Chakram Hikers Office Mulund - East
Book your seats early for the various treks to avoid disappointment
Identity cards for members, Contact: Mr.Rajan Mahajan

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Successfully completed the Himalayan Trek to "HAR KI DUN – RUINSARA TREK"
Virgin South face of Manik Lingi climbed by Chakram's team on 15-11-13
Virgin west face of Tilin climbed by Chakram's team on 26.10.13
Successfully summit of “Fluted Peak” (6122 m) expedition on 21st August 2013! Sudeep Barve, Gautami Barve and Prateesh Sane standing on the summit of Fluted Peak.